Zim Civil Servants To Be Paid This Week: Says Mugabe

Zimbabwe civil servants have been promised their June salaries this week.

Teachers and all government workers in education will get their pay tomorrow Thursday, 7th of July 2016.

Nurses, Doctors and other health professionals will receive their June wages this Friday 8 July.

There are no clear dates when the  rest of the other government employees will get their pay.

Meanwhile demonstrators not affiliated to civil service have promised President Mugabe and his Zanu PF party more demonstrations and protests until he resigns from power.

A number of Tajamuka rioters most of them card carrying Zanu PF rebels expressed  their view on the ongoing demonstrations.

Speaking to zwnews.com on condition of anonymity, a Harare based protester told reporters that its aluta continua until when there is a new government and leadership in Zimbabwe.

“It’s too late for Mugabe and Zanu PF to do any remedy to a very damaged economy and a country that is worse than a war zone,” he said.

There is still tension on the unresolved issue of police roadblocks, imports ban, hunger,poverty, introduction of bond notes and a collapsing economy.

From here Zimbabwe is firmly going towards the unknown.

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