Why many are asking where is President Mugabe Today?  Zimbabwe is going through what a Bulawayo protester has labelled “a fundamental transformation,”.

Right now there is total Shut Down in the whole of Zimbabwe.

Heavy police presence in Mufakose  www.zwnews.com

To make it clear, the Protester going by the moniker Ken Yamamoto had this to say; “The only people at work today are Zimbabwe Police and the Army, even Mugabe has been on strike since last weekend when he held a meeting at State House to address factional wars in his Zanu PF,” said Yamamoto while donning a Mugabe Must Go Now  shirt.

Meanwhile three reporters from a local daily have been arrested in Mufakose. The three are Tafadzwa Ufumeli, Elias Mambo and Richard Chidza. They were caught filming a scene at which police where beating up unarmed residents.

In Bulawayo, the ShutDown has been ‘a resounding success’  according to many witnesses on the ground.

Bulawayo Police have just arrested about five youths for staging a mini protest in the central business district, demanding that President Robert Mugabe must go.
In Kwekwe, a Tombs bus has been stoned for failing to take instructions from demonstrators.

In Masvingo schools, banks, shops and clinics are closed as people join in the protest demanding that President Mugabe must resign.

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