Here is a full list of all Zimbabwe public holidays for 2023

The days were announced by the Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister, in a Government Gazette.  

“It is hereby declared that in terms of Section 2 (1) of the Public Holidays and Prohibition of Business Act (Chapter 10:21), the days listed in the schedule will be public holidays in 2023. 

“The list does not include any days which the President may declare to be public holidays in terms of Section 2 (2) of the Public Holidays and Prohibition of Business Act (Chapter 10:21),” reads the Government Gazette. DATE DAY HOLIDAY
  1 January Sunday New Year’s Day
  2 January Monday New Year Holiday
  21 February Tuesday Robert Mugabe National Youth Day
  7 April Friday Good Friday
  8 April Saturday Easter Saturday
  9 April Sunday Easter Sunday
  10 April Monday Easter Monday
  18 April Tuesday Zimbabwe Independence Day
  1 May Monday Workers’ Day
  25 May Thursday Africa Day
  14 August Monday Zimbabwe Heroes Day
  15 August Tuesday Zimbabwe Defense Forces Day
  22 December Friday Zimbabwe National Unity Day
  25 December Monday Christmas Day
  26 December Tuesday Boxing Day

Summary: Zim Public Holidays 2023

New Year’s Day will fall on Sunday 1, January 2023 with the following day being a national holiday while National Youth Day will be on Tuesday 21 February 2023.  

Easter will run from April 7 to 10.  

Independence Day will fall on Tuesday 18 April, while Worker’s Day will be on Monday 1 May with Africa Day on Thursday 25 May.  Heroes Day and Defence Forces Day will be commemorated Monday 14 August and Tuesday 15 August, respectively.   

National Unity Day will be on Friday 22 December, with Christmas on Monday 25 December, and Boxing Day on the following day.