Zimbabwe People First will for the first time write a timeline of all the atrocities and other dark secrets committed by President Robert Mugabe’s government.

Speaking ahead of the launch of the eagerly awaited book, The National Grievances, ZimPF spokesperson retired Major General Kudzai Mbudzi told reporters that there is a lot of dark secrets committed by Zanu PF government that need to be exposed so that people can learn and move on with life.

He did not mention the secrets though many think that he is talking about corruption and mismanagement of the country since 1980.

The book tears into Zanu PF’s black empowerment rhetoric by highlighting that the empowerment is for the few political elite within factions while the rest of the people have been relegated back top the stone age.

Zimbabwe People First and Joice Mujuru have tried at their recent rallies to show the nation that they are separate from Zanu PF.

There is suspicion that Mujuru may be doing another Simba Makoni – Mavambo Kusile Dawn type of project with the sole purpose of destroying MDC and opposition parties ahead of the crucial 2018 Zimbabwe presidential and parliamentary elections.