Zimbabwe, today joins the rest of the universe commemorate Earth Day (ED), an international event celebrated around the world to pledge support for environmental protection.

The year 2021 marks the 51st anniversary of the annual celebrations. This year’s theme for Earth Day is ‘Restore Our Earth’.

In a statement to mark the Day, UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, called for decisive action to protect the planet from both the coronavirus and the existential threat of climate disruption:

“Mother Earth is clearly urging a call to action. Let’s remind more than ever on this International Mother Earth Day that we need a shift to a more sustainable economy that works for both people and the planet,” he said.

Meanwhile, an Earth Day 2021 webinar is set for later today, aimed at building environmental consciousness of the teeming population towards active participation of citizens in climate change mitigation and adaptation and building resilience to the impacts of climate change and identifying the role of the government and civil society.

According to the planners, the idea is if humanity is collectively engaged in Ecosystem Restoration it makes lives meaningful and it just might save people from the worst possible outcomes of climate change.