Zimbabwe’s efforts to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic were hit a fatal blow after it emerged that two pilots and one Zimbabwean who were aboard an Ethiopian airline (Reg ETARF) were not taken for mandatory quarantine upon touching down at the Robert Mugabe International Airport Monday afternoon.
The two pilots Heuman Werner (Germany) whose seat number in the plane was 15A and Jungen Stephan Ewing a Swiss national who was on seat number 1C were reportedly whisked away just after getting their entry visas, the online Zim Morning Post reported Monday.
On the other hand, a Zimbabwean lady who reportedly claimed to be in possession of a health clearance was allegedly let free and told to go home and ‘self isolate’.
The Government has said all the 32 people who were aboard the plane that touched down in Harare at 12pm were going for quarantining at Zipam.
“As per protocol we will quarantine them at one of our isolation centres at ZIPAM in Mashonaland West and test them keeping regular checks. Those who are symptomatic upon departure will be immediately ferried to Wilkins where we will test them and if found positive we take appropriate treatment action until such time they have recovered,” Harare city council Health Services Director Prosper Chonzi was quoted as saying.