A 63-year- old Bulawayo man Oscar Ndlovu  is going through ‘Stunner’s Hell’ after his 34 year old wife has turned into a problem worse than the hip hop singer’s vocal wife, Olinda Chapel.

Ndlovu has had enough of his wife Siphiwe Sibanda that he had to seek protection order.

Ndlovu told the court that his wife’s mood swings are uncontrollable because whenever she blows a fuse, she destroys everything in her vicinity including him!

“My wife has an attitude of destroying everything that we have whenever she is angry,” said a worried Ndlovu.

Ndlovu has to worry even in his sleep.

“Every time I try to sleep at night she pours cold water on me,” said Ndlovu.

However, Sibanda dismissed allegations that she abuses him.

She said she only poured water on him as an instruction she got after having a bad dream.

The magistrate granted the protection order and advised the couple to settle their disputes without using violence.