A desperate 39 year old man from Bulawayo is reportedly doing day and night prayers requesting that God takes away his mother and siblings so he can own family property.

Kevin Chikerema cannot wait for the day to be a property owner and this can only happen after his mother’s death.

His impatience has led him to opening up and telling his family that he wishes them dead.

Realising that he is capable of going an extra mile in seeing his wish come true, his mother, Maria Chikerema decided to seek a peace order against her son who has become a threat to her life.

Appearing before Western Commonage magistrate Stephen Ndlovu, Chikerema disputed the allegations.

“I have never insulted her, but she gets angry when I reprimand my sisters saying I am troubling them,” he said.

The presiding magistrate granted the peace order in favour of the complainant.