Meteorological Services Department of Zimbabwe which is the national designated authority on Meteorology, Climate and Seismology urges citizens to keep warm, especially towards evening, early morning, and where possible stay at home as it predicts chilling weather tomorrow.

According to the department in its 16:00 update, the weather will be slightly cloudy, windy and cold conditions with some light morning showers in Masvingo, Manicaland, Bulawayo Metropolitan; southern parts of Midlands and Matabeleland South.

The conditions would then become less cloudy and mild, especially by noon and low temperatures set, into the evening.

“The rest of the country (northern areas of Midlands, Matabeleland North, all Mashonaland Provinces and Harare Metropolitan) should be mostly sunny and mild with some light breeze, though cold in the morning and evening,” said the Dept.

Apparently, moderate ground frost is most likely going to be experienced in some areas, mainly (Henderson, Marondera, Mutoko and Nyanga).