A Zimbabwean Student At St Andrews University in the US has died of COVID-19, VOA reports. Mellisa Jackquiline reportedly died yesterday according to the family spokesperson Takudzwa Mandaza.

Takudzwa spoke to the publication and conveyed the family’s devastation on the passing on of 19-year-old Melisa.

Takudzwa said:

Her dad passed on a while back and she was in Michigan with her mum and other siblings studying at St. Andrews University …She was asthmatic and she tested positive for the coronavirus and passed away yesterday in hospital

Meanwhile, a man who was in contact with the late Zororo Makamba has tested positive for COVID-19. This brings the COVID-19 cases in the country to 2 including one fatality.

Brezh Malaba twitted:

The official number of Covid-19 cases in Zimbabwe has risen to 3 after a man in Harare tested positive. The man was among those who had contact with the late Zororo Makamba (who was buried today, may his soul rest in peace).