Zimbabwean social media influencer Ruva Hapaguti has been chosen to represent the country at the Creators of Tomorrow Conference being hosted by Meta Facebook in London this weekend.

Commenting on this feat, Hapaguti said:

“Being chosen to be part of the Creators of Tomorrow campaign by Meta means I get to showcase and represent my country Zimbabwe, and everything it has in store.

“I get to change the narrative and show the world’s the wonders and beauty we host as a country.

“My ambitions for the future include me being a role model for young females in the world. Being able to show that the same way I got an opportunity like this means they too can do it – as long as they stick to their plan and most importantly believe in themselves.

“I value talent and the ability for one to make it in life without having to lose their morale or principles.”

Known as Mamii on various social media platforms, Hapaguti, whose journey as an online content creator started in 2018, is among 150 content creators chosen from different countries worldwide, to be ambassadors of their respective countries at the Creators for Tomorrow Conference.

Ruva is into Facebook and Tiktok skits and is elated about the development.