Deputy Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Edgar Moyo has revealed that the Zimbabwe Government is finalising modalities that will see primary and secondary school learners receiving lessons through national broadcaster ZBC’s radio stations as uncertainty continues to surround the re-opening of schools in the wake of the catastrophic Covid-19 pandemic.
The ravaging Covid-19 scourge has already adversely affected the school calender following the cancellation of Cambridge international examinations traditionally slated for May and June.
Now, in the pursuit of ensuring that the much-needed academic knowledge is imparted on learners, lessons for both primary and secondary school pupils will be delivered through radio.
Although Moyo could not reveal when the envisaged program will likely get underway, state media reported that an agreement between Government and ZBC to have lessons broadcast on national radio had already been reached.
As you are aware, we closed schools early and we are not yet sure of the dates of opening,” Moyo said.
“We are still under lockdown. We have examination classes and we are just preparing ourselves for the realities that we are going to open schools one day. So, in that regard we have engaged ZBC and agreed to have lessons on radio for both primary and secondary classes,” said Moyo.
He also said announcement of school opening dates by President Emmerson Mnangagwa will only be done after consultations with relevant stakeholders and in line with guidelines set by the World Health Organisation (WHO).
Zimbabwe is currently under an extended 35-day national lockdown which ends on May 3.

State Media

Additional Reporting: Zwnews