The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has initiated a manhunt for suspects involved in the shooting and killing of Rwandese national Samuel Habimana in Waterfalls, Harare, on Friday night.

Habimana was shot in the neck at his Mainway Meadows home in Waterfalls, Harare, under unclear circumstances after a four-member gang broke into his house.

ZRP national spokesperson, Commissioner Paul Nyathi told ZBC News that investigations into the murder are underway, just as accusations swirled that the assailants are foreign political operatives from Rwanda.

“As the Zimbabwe Republic Police we are investigating the shooting incident which took place in Waterfalls, Harare in view to find the motive behind the shooting.

“We believe that the suspects tracked him from Harare’s Central Business District to his home in Waterfalls.

“We want to assure the public that comprehensive investigations are currently underway and no stone will be left unturned,” said Commissioner Nyathi.

Commissioner Nyathi also warned the public against publishing information which has not been verified.

“I want to warn the public against publishing false information on social media. We are urging the public that if they have any information they want the public to know they are free to come to our offices rather than publishing such without verification,” added Nyathi.

A report claimed Habimana (49), who was killed in front of his son, wife, and house help, was assassinated.

A former Rwandan refugee in Zimbabwe, Ansbert Nkundineza, and one of the leading opposition figures in exile said that the shooting was a terror incident linked to Kigali.

“We have been receiving information about distressed Rwandan refugees for a while now, most are fearful of their own lives and those of loved ones from Rwandan operatives currently roaming the streets of Harare at large.

“We call upon the government of Zimbabwe to ensure the safety of Rwandan refugees as enshrined in the Geneva Convention,” Nkundineza said.