President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has insisted that his administration has reopened country’s suitability for investments.

Mnangagwa says the major impediments to business poor policies and corruption to which his government is addressing so that investments and business operate flawlessly.

“Already, under the Zimbabwe is Open For Business mantra, our country is primed and ready for both foreign and domestic investment. I want to assure you that your investments are secure that the operating environment is stable,” he says.

Speaking as he officiated at the Zimbabwe Annual Investor Forum yesterday, Mnangagwa urged investors not to be taken aback by negative rhetorics from the country’s detractors, but to bank on facts on the ground.

“Beyond the negative rhetoric and the reality of the illegal economic sanctions; the facts supersede and always speak louder than all falsehoods peddled by our country’s detractors,” he said.

However, Zimbabwe is struggling economically due to bad governance and unchecked corruption, so say analysts.

But the government is blaming everything on sanctions.