Zim is too poor to pull out of United Nations

Zimbabwe will not be pulling out of the United Nations (UN), Robert Mugabe’s Information Minister, Chris Mushowe has said.

After  Mugabe threatened to withdraw from the world body, he seem to have finally changed his mind and decided not to pursue the idea.

 Mushowe tried to save his master’s face and told reporters yesterday in Harare that Mugabe had been quoted out of context, saying he was merely expressing his wishes.

“The President did not threaten to pull out, but merely outlined the concerns of the African countries over the composition of the Security Council,” he said.

Mugabe, on his arrival from the 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly last month, told reporters that he would mobilise other African countries to pull out of the UN.

The pull-out threat was made at a time Zimbabwe is desperately relying on UN for food and medical supplies.

The UN has poured food and essential supplies worth over $300 million to Zimbabwe as the country suffer from drought and unprecedented economic problems.