ZANU PF spokesperson Chris Mutsvangwa has made sensational disclosure that Zimbabwe’s gold reserves were stolen from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ).

Speaking during a press conference this afternoon, Mutsvangwa said the Arabs stole the country’s gold reserves using the US dollar which never came to Zimbabwe.

He said the country ran short of American dollars due to the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by Western countries which gave Arabs an opportunity to stole the country’s gold reserves.

Mutsvangwa’s disclosure comes at the time the country is bracing for a new currency Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) which is said to be backed by gold reserves and other precious minerals.

Speaking about the new currency, Mutsvangwa said President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa will do everything in his power to make sure that the currency is strengthened.

He said Mnangagwa’s new name will be Mr Strong ZiG, as he will do everything possible as head of the state so that ZiG remains strong in support of the RBZ Governor.

Apparently, commenting on the matter, former cabinet minister Walter Mzembi said:

“The worst strategy by any Government is to politicise a Currency and present it as an altar upon which Zimbabweans can rise or fall…in essence the entire country has been put into a Referendum YES/NO to ZiG mood over the new Currency by it’s toxic binary politics reflecting it’s disputed elections, 2018 & 2023!

“Unwittingly the President has made it worse by changing his name to ” Emmerson Very Strong ZiG Dambudzo Mnangagwa.”

“While this reflects his humorous nature the Country is still smarting from his description of the RTGS as the strongest currency in the Region, which has been proven wrong by the markets!
Mujeeeee wacho wanyanyisa mukati memabhindauko..”