Former Zimbabwe national cricket team captain Tatenda Taibu has found himself in another controversy after he was accused of attempted murder by cricket boss Tavengwa Mukuhlani.

Taibu has been making news for the wrong reasons after he appeared to blame African American hero George Floyd for his death erroneously claiming that Floyd had tried to pass a fake banknote.

The cricketer’s remarks attracted condemnation from all spheres and now Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) board chairman Tavengwa Mukuhlani has also condemned Taibu’s remarks and in the process accused him of attempted murder after the cricketer allegedly stabbed his own brother.


By Tavengwa Mukuhlani: l was dismayed to see a post on Twitter by former Zimbabwe national cricket captain Tatenda Taibu in which he insinuated the murder of black American George Floyd was justified because the deceased had attempted to use a counterfeit note.

While Taibu is entitled to his opinion and to stand by it even in the face of massive condemnation by the public, I found his view ironic and quite rich. A few years ago Taibu stabbed his own brother with a knife but Zimbabwe Cricket quickly stepped in to resolve the issue at family level not only to save Taibu from going to jail but also to allow his cricket carrier to flourish. The same Tatenda Taibu today thinks it’s justified for a man to be murdered by a policeman over a $20 note real or fake! How pathetic. The public must take Taibu’s comments with a pinch of salt.

For me personally, it was devastating to watch a black man being murdered in broad daylight. Let Taibu know that those demanding justice are contending this latest deadly encounter is not an aberration, but a rather burdensome norm for black people. That is why there have been suggestions to immortalise George Floyd’s name because his death has sparked a worldwide movement that may bring real change to the systematic abuse of black people that has been happening for centuries.

ln, his interview Tatenda tried to tell the readers his little history of America and also to suggest its not about race. Sadly Tatenda does not understand his own text, the issue is about race and it will remain so.

Tatenda claims to follow America,s politics and history and he will be better advised to read about the Tuskegee study, it will help him understand how far back has racism been rooted in America and how much blacks have suffered. Tatenda must be alive to the fact that slave traders like Edward Colston are commemorated and celebrated in Bristol landmarks and streets, its not wrong to celebrate an innocent life lost to police brutality because of his race.

Taibu must also know that harlots like Rahab have a place in the holy is not yo background that defines heroism it is what you have affected in humanity. Paul killed Christians but today we know him for writing half of the new testament. As a Christian one would expect Tatenda to know that God,s favour is for the downcast and the not so perfects. Yes, George Floyd has a special place and purpose in God,s eyes even though he had a checkered background and was carrying a supposedly fake note. God had a plan for him to change humanity and how race relations work. Mathew 7v 1-6 “Judge not lest ye be judged”.

The fact that Taibu still stands by his opinion does not define him as a principled person but it only goes to show that he is intolerant, illiterate, a fundamentalist and above all a hypocrite.

Source: Tavengwa Mukuhlani