Bond Notes Latest News: Zim to use new currency next week

The long awaited controversial token money, the Bond Notes, is finally available and will be released to the market early next week, Zimnews has learnt.

The Zimbabwe reserve bank has already started massive educational campaigns throughout the country to prepare people for the Bond Notes.

“During the past two weeks we have been securing money and it is coming but do not abuse it..” Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mangudya said.

Speaking at a luncheon organised by the St Luke’s Anglican Church in Greendale, Dr Mangudya said the bond notes could not be introduced without carrying out wide awareness campaigns as people would be duped. He dismissed speculation that the current cash shortage was a result of the impending introduction of the bond notes. He said the shortage was a result of more imports and low exports.

The governor could not explain why there were reports, last week, suggesting that a Germany company tasked with printing the token money had refused to do so.