ZEC to confirm final results..Mliswa declared winner by Zanu PF Commissar

Temba Mliswa, independent candidate has won Norton By Election by over 1000 votes, according to preliminary results posted from all centres.

In a tight contest with Zanu PF’s Ronald Chindedza, Mliswa did enough to shock his former friends at Zanu PF.

He has since been congratulated by Zanu PF political Commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere who conceded defeat via Twitter, telling his Supporters that Norton is gone!

The results will likely cause sleepless nights to Deputy President Emmerson Mnangagwa who declared ‘war if Norton does not vote Zanu PF’.

According to unconfirmed results Mliswa got just about 7000 votes while Chindedza gannered about 6100 votes.

Zanu PF could have deliberately not rigged the election as they want to see the real electoral mood ahead of 2018 elections.

Meanwhile, congratulatory messages  for Mliswa are flooding social media online….


Kasukuwere via Twitter: Norton has eluded us . Key lessons have been learnt .Thank you to our supporters for coming out and voting for our candidate .

The message from the electorate is there for us to digest and we will return no doubt . Norton is home to great citizens&setbacks are normal

Unknown: Hokoyoooooo Bhuru rinobaya rinongotunga pasina kuridzirwa muridzo, Congratulations Mr Comrade You showed the nation that yu are an indipendent and Strong Enough to stand for yr yrself this Brigtens our Future come 2018,Thanks to all Norton People by their Courageous !!!!