The Zimbabwe Football Association, ZIFA, is no longer in existence!

The local football body was dissolved upon realising that it had became such a huge liability to Zimbabwe football.

Bankruptcy, corruption, match fixing and gross incompetence at ZIFA has destroyed the once respected Zimbabwe football.

Since the Asiagate scandal few years ago Zimbabwe football has become a favourite hunting ground for Asian betting syndicates and rogue Zimbabwe football administrators who have made millions while throwing away and fixing soccer matches involving Zimbabwean footballers in Africa.

The situation could have been worsened by bad economic environment which has made it possible for different players and managers to get tempted to match fixing deals.

Recently Edzai Kasinauyo, Henrietta Rushwaya, Jonathan Mashingaidze and Nation Dube were banned from football following their attempts to fix Zimbabwe vs Swaziland Afcon match.

After ZIFA, a new Zimbabwe football government body will be formed with Doctor Philip Chiyangwa as the leader.