National Football Association of Zimbabwe(NFAZ) takes over from ZIFA

NFAZ ‘the National Football Association of Zimbabwe’ is the country’s new soccer governing body.

Registered and recognised yesterday by FIFA, NFAZ will be debt free as it will not inherit the $6million old ZIFA debt that was owed to different organisations and individuals.

It has been noted that the new ZIFA boss Philip Chiyangwa tried in vain to bring sanity to ZIFA due to massive debt leaving the association with no choice than to dissolve and disband ZIFA before forming a new football governing organisation.

NFAZ will have same address as old ZIFA though it is expected to have a new website and corporate image.

Who is president.. and other leaders NFAZ..Doctor Philip Chiyangwa is president leader and other elected  ZIFA members will work with him.

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NFAZ is the new National Football Association of Zimbabwe