The Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) is running a three day referees elite course aimed at improving match officiating in the country.

Referees Committee vice chairperson, Ruzive Ruzive, speaking about the importance of referees’ education programs at an ongoing elite course in Harare, said it is their that the course will go a long way towards improvement of refereeing standards.

“We are here for the betterment of the game” “The referees’ committee is ready to talk to football stakeholders […] for the purpose of us improving, and them also acknowledging that some of the areas they might think are wrong, are not,” he said.

The course runs from 21 to 23 September.

Over the years, there has been areas of contention between clubs, fans and referees,  not in Zimbabwe alone, but worldwide.

It is believed that such courses will be helpful.