The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) says Section 4 (n) of the Energy Regulatory Authority Act [Chapter:13:23] empowers it to establish appropriate consumer rights and obligations regarding the provision of energy services.

In that regard, the authority recently established a page with information on the rights of consumers as it moves in, to fulfill this constitutional requirement.

Noting on the development, ZERA says the page provides information on consumer rights and responsibilities; energy saving and safe use tips and simplified information about various energy technologies.

The page also provides a platform for consumers to make complaints against ZERA and its licensees.

Some of the rights include; Be treated fairly with kindness and due respect, Privacy and to have confidential information protected, Access to reliable and safe energy, Be informed about the energy price structure, and Advice on renewable energy technologies, among others.

Meanwhile, ZERA also says consumers have the following obligations: Always pay my energy bills on time, Cooperate with and support programs on the effective and efficient use of energy, and to Allow energy suppliers access to consumers’ premises for purposes of inspection, meter reading, installation, testing, replacement or disposal of utility apparatus.

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In the same light, Zimbabwe needs to urgently embrace renewable energy, solar, wind and nuclear to secure a sustainable energy future and also cut harmful emissions.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa recently told a virtual dialogue on the impact of Covid-19 on climate change mitigation that the country had a long-term low-emission development strategy, which provides options to meet its goals of limiting the rise in global temperatures.

Zimbabwe’s Renewable Energy Policy sets overall targets for renewable energy in the country based on the nationally determined contributions (NDCs) as one of its primary objectives.