The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission(ZEC) has reversed the results for the Chegutu West parliamentary seat, with MDC Alliance candidate Hon Gift Matshoba Konjana reported to have won the court case in which Zanu-PF candidate Dexter Nduna had been initially announced as the winner with 10 932 votes.

However, Konjana of the MDC Alliance who had polled 10 828 challenged the result and was able to provide evidence that there had been counting anomalies.

Zec has now declared Konjana as the winner of the Chegutu West Seat. In a letter to the MDC Alliance, Zec wrote,


The above matter refers

The source documents of the results do indicate that there is a discrepancy in results announced in respect of Konjana Gift Machoka of Chegutu West Constituency. The discrepancy occurred due to a transcription error from V23A to V23B at the Constituency during data capturing.

The data capturers explained that the results of Konjana Gift Machoka (MDC Alliance) and Kache Simon (UCADGZ) were interchanged. That is, instead of capturing Kache’s results as one (1) and Konjana’s as one hundred and twenty-one (121) they were reversed giving Kache (121) and Konjana (1)

The transcription error resulted in Konjana Gift getting ten thousand eight hundred and twenty eight (10 828) votes against Nduna Dexters’s ten thousand nine hundred and thirty-two (10 932).

If the error is corrected Konjana Gift’s result would be ten thousand nine hundred and forty eight (10948) votes against Nduna Dexter’s (ZANU-PF) ten thousand nine hundred and thirty-two (10 932). This makes Konjana Gift (MDC Alliance) the winner instead of Nduna.