VICTORIA FALLS: A robber who was pretending to be a client got in and waited for other clients to leave then reportedly took out a gun and demanded cash. He stole US$100 000 on Wednesday afternoon.

The armed bandit walked into the banking hall pretending to be a client and was wearing a wool hat and a face mask, sources reported.

Bank staff watched as the suspect pretended to be completing bank slips until other clients left and that is when he pulled out a gun.

The suspect then proceeded to the counter and threatened bank tellers with the gun, ordering everyone, to lie down and they complied.

It is said that the suspect demanded cash which he loaded into a satchel that he was carrying and walked out of the banking hall.

An eye witness said:

The suspect entered the banking hall as a client and was still inside when the bank closed. He threatened the security guard who gave in and he then went to the tills where pointed the gun and demanded cash which he loaded into a satchel and walked out through the back door.

The suspect reportedly walked away after leaving the bank premises and started running and people outside did not suspect anything until staff from the bank came out and reported that they had been robbed.

Pictures of the robbery incident started circulating on social media platforms after being captured on CCTV.