Norton Independent Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa, was subjected to suspected Zanu PF violence at the funeral of provincial hero Shepherd Tsomondo where he was set to make an address.

He had to be escorted by the police after suspected Zanu PF supporters threatening to deal with him.

“It’s strange Zanu PF as a party retains an intrinsic belief in the utility of violence in this era. Violence is a liability that loses you the many decisive voters who don’t belong to parties but come to vote,” said Mliswa of the incident.

“The level of disrespect for the bereaved family was astounding. Is the ruling party that desperate and fearful of the opposition or independent candidates?

“This was a State event and you find gatekeeping mindsets that view everything partisanly to the point of violence!

“As long as Zanu PF continues behaving as it did at the funeral, it will never win Norton or any of the urban locations it pines for.

“Urbanites are different from those in rural areas where geography and connectivity creates a dangerous environment for the isolated local people.”

He continued; “In urban areas you cannot coerce people to support you through violence. It won’t work.

“Aside from the practical deficiencies of violence as a political strategy, why is the ruling party accommodative of habits which are contrary to its many statements against violence?” said Temba Mliswa.

Meanwhile, political analysts have warned of blood polls next year.

Some members of opposition parties have been subjected to attacks, while others are arrested on alleged trumped up charges.

Apparently, some known ZANU PF members have made it clear that next year’s polls will be bloody.