Ronald Mutandagayi, the GCEO of Zimbabwe Bank (ZB) Financial Holdings Group, has taken a leave of absence after a video of him beating his wife went viral on social media.

The matter is now before the courts.

ZB Financial Holdings went on to say that the board of the financial services group is currently considering the “appropriate action” to take against its GCEO following the disturbing footage.

Below is a statement released by ZB Financial Holdings:

“The board of directors of ZB Financial Holdings Limited has taken note of the social media communication relating to the Group Chief Executive Officer Mr. R. Mutandagayi which was published on the evening of 7 March 2021,” the banks said in a statement addressed to its customers.

“The matter in question is before the courts. In the meantime, Mr R. Mutandagayi has taken leave of absence from his duties while the board of directors of the group considers appropriate action on the matter.”

“Stakeholders will be advised of any new developments as they arise.”

Mutangadayi is disputing the events which appeared on the video footage insisting that he was defending himself:

“The unfortunate circumstances surrounding the incident happened on 2 January 2021 after three consecutive days of severe assault and harassment on my person. It is surprising that only two months later is when such a video is issued,” said Mutandagayi.

He added: “The bona fides of such action is questionable. Further, it is regrettable that the video only shows a certain portion of the incident obviously meant to sell a certain narrative. Since the matter is currently pending before the courts, I shall let the law take its course.”