President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa was embarrassed in Mashonaland East when supporters started walking away from his rally after rumours went round that buses were leaving them behind.

The party commissar Mike Bimha became worried about the embarrassment of citizens walking away in front of television cameras, he took the microphone away from the president and started pleading with the citizens to stay.

“Kune vamwe vakutaura zvisizvo kuti mabhazi akuenda, mabhazi haaende (Some are spreading false information that the buses are leaving.

(Please don’t get seated, buses are not leaving until we finish.)

He then gave away the open secret that his party was bussing rural citizens from across the country for his boss’ rallies.

Few weeks ago, some bused ZANU PF members were reportedly left stranded in Gutu with buses said to be lining for fuel.

Those stranded were reportedly ordered not to speak open about as that would tarnish the party’s image.