Ambitious Zimbabwe Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa faced the wrath of his party yesterday, as 10 Zanu PF chairpersons and commissars censured him for associating with anti-Mugabe elements.

The unprecedented attack on Midlands hard-man follows revelations that he wined and dined with Zanu PF renegades at a party held in Mapunzure, Zvishavane, on New Year’s Eve.

In a statement on behalf of the provincial chairpersons and political commissars after a meeting in Harare yesterday, Manicaland provincial chairperson, Samuel Undenge said they were concerned about party leaders, who continued to associate with Zanu PF rejects, although they did not name Mnangagwa.

“This kind of behaviour puts doubt on those leaders’ commitment and loyalty to decisions that are made by Zanu PF collectively, as party leaders should not be seen to be associating and entertaining people, who were expelled from the party for indiscipline, which involved disrespect of the party leadership,” Undenge said.

“As the party’s leaders in the provinces, we call upon all party leaders and all party structures to focus and redirect all efforts at uniting the party and prepare it to win the harmonised election coming in 2018.

“No one in the party should divert the party’s focus from this revolutionary goal.”

Mnangagwa was accused of plotting to topple Mugabe last week, when pictures of him drinking from a mug inscribed “I am the boss” that were taken at the party were leaked on social media.