Zimbabwe’s  Constitutional Court has ruled that the arrest of MDC-T secretary general, Douglas Mwonzora, for saying that President Robert is a goblin was a violation of his fundamental rights.

The Chidyausiku headed bench ruled that it was wrong for Mwonzora — a former legislator for Nyanga North — to be prosecuted for expressing his views at a political rally.

Mwonzora was accused of undermining the Office of the President by calling President Mugabe a goblin among other things at an MDC-T rally held at Ruwangwe Growth Point in Nyanga in 2009.
Mwonzora won his case after the state failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the goblin  statement about or concerning the President was capable of deceiving the hearer into believing it is true and that it was likely to arouse in the audience feelings of hostility towards the President or his office.

Mugabe is often called a number of names like goblin, ancestor or fossil on social media because of his age and appearance.