Norton Independent Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa says; as the country drew closer to elections, what should be evident is the progress government has made in the delivery of what they said they will do, not of consolidating power.

Mliswa says it is sad that the governing authority is too keen to enact punitive laws for selfish reasons only meant to consolidate political power.

“Govts or political parties in power, must not use the 2/3rds majority to abuse their numbers to change the Constitution to suit them as did the late RGM, although it was in vain.

“These changes can also come around to bite you back. There’s no party that’s in power forever,” he says.

Coming to the amendment regarding Executive’s approval of MPs not being Provincial Council members, Mliswa questions why should the Executive appoint Board Members of parastatals?

He adds that it seems as if the Executive is keen to “cartel” issues of oversight from parliament so that they may continue plundering and pursue corrupt activities.

“In SA, parastatal Board Members are appointed by Parliament, they report to Parliament, so to me it is important that MPs have oversight of devolution resources because ultimately when you’re going to devolve, you also have to make sure structures are in place that ensure oversight, so it goes with devolution for MPs to sit on Provincial Councils,” he says.

Mliswa maintains that it is important for MPs to have an oversight role so that it can hold parastatal bosses to account.