Charles Mabhena

Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) Members of Parliament (MPs) were last week stopped from singing happy birthday song for President Robert Mugabe who turned 93 years on 21 February 2017.

The ruling party MPs who are now synonymous for bootlicking their old and dreaded leader wanted to sing a happy birthday song for Mugabe in the House of Assembly, but they were denied.

The Acting Speaker of the House, Mabel Chinomona ruled out that in the absence of appropriate provision in the Standing Orders, there could be no singing, unless the MPs unanimously approved.

As objections had been voiced, there was no singing, but, verbal exchanges on the issue delayed the start of regular business.

The house is currently seized with a number of bills to attend to some of the bills include, the National Competitiveness Commission Bill, among several others.

Mugabe has since become a god in his party with each member trying to outdo each other in the praise singing. This saw former Political Commissar, Webster Shamu likening him to Cremora (a creamy thick powder milk) before he was suspended for allegedly taking part in Mujuru’s plan to oust Mugabe.

Shamu was recently re-admitted into the party and once again came with praises. He even said Mugabe’s grandson, Bona’s son was Cremora too.

Shamu is not the only one in this train. There are groups such as Mbare Chimurenga Choir, youth groups among others who have coined praise songs for Mugabe.