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Heavy rains caused by Cyclone Dineo have caused deadly floods in some parts of Gweru.

The cyclone dumped heavy rains and caused terrifying floods in Senga, Daylesford and Windsor Park where it hit hard because they are in low-lying areas.

The flash floods caused a major traffic jam on the Shurugwi and Senga road, with several hundreds of vehicles trying to make their way through the upheaval yesterday(Monday) evening.

Traffic police had to come at around 7pm to rescue small vehicles, redirecting bigger trucks and other vehicles to use the alternative road or wait for the floods to subside.

Upon arriving at the scene at Senga roundabout journalists witnessed Gweru Urban legislator, Cecil Zvidzai monitoring the situation.

“The flood occurred in Senga Township and Daylesford after hours of heavy rains this evening, and downpours are still occurring intermittently throughout the area. This is the first of its kind incident to happen in this area,” he said.

Vehicles such as four-wheel-drive pickup trucks and bigger trucks had a better chance of making it through the water unlike smaller vehicles.

Trees that fell prior to the heavy rains reportedly damaged a car and house in Senga, as well as cars parked by the roadside along Senga and  Shurugwi road.

Speaking to this reporter the seemingly shaking resident at number 1 Dudley Drive in Daylesford, Mr Solomon Mutsengi had this to say, ‘’Yesterday late evening, I came home from work to a realisation that our house including those of our neighbours were flooded.

“All the rooms were flooded and some of our properties were floating. Gweru city council must take us serious and make effective drainage systems.”

“Heavy rains brought floods in parts of Senga Township this evening. Our resettlement area

Rivers rose to dangerous levels” said David Savanhu from a resettlement area near Fletcher High School.

The Civil Protection Unit (CPU) is on record saying  it  is ready to help flood victims was monitoring river flows as the rains continue pouring around the country.