ZANU-PF Goromonzi West Member of Parliament Energy Mutodi asks why is it that the Zambian Kwacha is gaining against the American dollar while the Zimdollar is dying despite the country boasting of vast mineral resources and educated manpower.

“Kwacha Rand exchange rate now 1: 1.04 in favour of the Zambian kwacha. Difficult to explain why Zim currency is on free-fall even with better mineral resources, hard working & educated people,” says Mutodi.

Apparently, in response renowned investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono

“It is so easy to explain Hon Adv Dr Mutodi.

“Your party ZANUPF has turned Zimbabwe into a criminal enterprise where crooks working for powerful ZANUPF politicians smuggle Gold and many other things depriving the country of its resource profit.

“Vote out ZANUPF & Zim will be fine!”

Meanwhile, since the coming on of a new government in Zambia led by President Hakainde Hichilema, the country’s economy has been improving.

Its local currency is firming against the major convertible currencies particularly the green buck.