As the impasse between teachers and their employer, the government continues, the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) alleges that the ruling party has now resorted to instigating parents to rise up against the educators.

Government and civil servants, particularly teachers have been at each other’s throats over working conditions with talks between the two having not yielded anything agreeable to both parties so far.

Teachers recently threatened to go on strike to force the government to reverse its no-work no-salary policy against its workers who are claiming incapacitation.

Meanwhile, ARTUZ has accused ZANU PF of employing dirty tactics inciting parents to blame it on teachers and rise against them, adding that School Head and Deputy at Mapanje Primary in Zaka have since been attacked by parents.

“We are gathering that School Head and Deputy at Mapanje Primary in Zaka have been attacked by parents.

“We are also advised that the ruling party has launched a campaign to incite parents against teachers. Our schools must be safe,” says ARTUZ.

ARTUZ in a thread of tweets implored the authorities to solve the problems dogging the education sector as a matter of urgency:

“The gvt is neglecting our education. Our responsibility is to keep on reminding duty bearers of the need to #SaveOurEducationZw from collapse.We also contribute in our small way to bridge gap of access to education. Today we train trs on digital literacy & remote teaching.

“Our new war cry @edmnangagwa bring back our Education!” We chant it in classrooms, on the streets & in villages. We are patiently building towards 5 million voices to defend education for 5 million learners.”

Apparently, Public Service and Social Welfare Minister Professor Paul Mavima told Senate last Thursday that the government was working out a plan to improve civil servants’ salaries.

“With regard to salaries, government is working out to ensure that workers are motivated properly, but the workers should also appreciate the efforts that are being made by government.

“According to our revenue at the moment, it is not possible for us to go beyond what we have already offered.

“We may actually adjust or increase, but not with a big percentage because we stand guided by the Finance ministry,” he said.

He added that the government was aware that some teachers were coming to class only to sit.

“I know that there is a problem that some teachers report for duty, but do not teach and children are being denied the education they deserve,” he said.

Mavima added that the government team went back to the negotiating table so that its offer may be reconsidered, pointing out that this is why Treasury and Public Service Commission technical people are meeting to see how they can increase the offer to the civil servants.