The Zimbabwe People First (ZimFirst) has said it has the solution to the problems currently bedevilling the country, as Zanu PF- from its leader Emmerson Mnangagwa to central bank Governor have apparently admitted failure to southern African nation’s economic matrix.

Led by Dr Maxwell Zeb Shumba, the party has continued to fire warning shots ahead of the 2023 elections, saying the country now needs ‘fresh ideas and fresh legs’.


Dr Maxwell Zeb Shumba

“Well Zimbabwe there you have it! Zimbabwe needs fresh ideas and fresh legs. #ZimFirst is the answer!” said the opposition party in comments posted on its Twitter handle, blaming various Government officials including Mnangagwa and his deputy Kembo Mohadi, for publicly conceding that they have failed to solve the country’s problems.

The party scathingly mocked the following for apparently admitting Government failure to decisively end the prevalent economic challenges:

  • Ndavaningi ‘Nick’Mangwana (Government spokesperson)- for saying “we are not failing, its sanctions (imposed on Zimbabwe to blame for the economic woes)’.

  • Victor Matemadanda (Zanu PF Commissar)- for blaming (MDC Alliance leader Nelson) Chamisa who poured sand on the sadza over the ailing economy.

  • George Charamba (Presidential spokesperson)- for alluding that it is the opposition sabotaging the country’s economy through working in cahoots with the private players.

  • John Mangudya (RBZ Governor)- for bizzarely alleging that, ‘Demons are haunting us, that’s why we’re failing’.

  • Sibusiso Moyo (Foreign Affairs Minister)- for alleging that, ‘We are failing because the foreign embassies are supporting the opposition.

  • Mthuli Ncube (Finance and Economic Development Minister)- For openly admitting that, ‘I can’t do magic (to solve Zimbabwe’s economic challenges).

  • VP Mohadi- who said ‘we are failing because white people did not give us knowledge on how to tackle the economy after independence’, and:

  • President Mnangagwa- who was quoted in the private media as insinuating that, ‘we are failing, but give us (until) 2030 (for the country’s economic problems to be completely solved).