Former cabinet minister in the late Robert Mugabe era, Walter Mzembi says the Generation 40 (G40) faction is not defunct as some may believe, but has infact claimed key positions within the ruling party following the District Cordinating Committees (DCCs) elections.

Mzembi says the recent elections in ZANU-PF has exhibited the strenth of the G40 faction as the holding pillar of the party.

“Results of the just ended Zanu PF DCC elections countrywide anoratidza kuti G40 ndomusangano!

“It is folly for anyone to imagine that they can wish away G40!” He says.

He says if the faction could drive the President of Zanu PF (Emmerson Mnangagwa) to summon all Provinces and despatch a command to eliminate it at all cost, it means G40 is vibrant.

Meanwhile, just before the elections, it is understood that the party’s first secretary and president (ED) met provincial chairpersons on the 12th October 2020 and advised them to ensure clean members participate in the DCC elections.

Mnangagwa ordered the rooting out of all G40 members within party structures, however, despite the attempts, Mzembi says the faction has come out of the elections much stronger and vibrant.

ZANU PF acting spokesperson recently admitted that the G40 faction is giving Mnangagwa sleepless nights.

“His Excellency (Mnangagwa) told the Politburo meeting that social media is awash with the clandestine machinations of the G40 and their sympathisers.

“They are using social media to make an orchestrated launch and an onslaught against our country and party,” he said.

The supposed G40 kingpins include former ministers, Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere, Patrick Zhuwao, Walter Mzembi, Godfrey Gandawa and Mandiitawepi Chimene.

Moyo has been accused of using microblogging site Twitter to expose top-secret government and Zanu PF meetings.

Mnangagwa’s government is seeking to have Moyo, Kasukuwere, and Mzembi extradited to Zimbabwe to answer to fraud charges.