David Chivhovho, a Zanu PF councillor for Ward 13 in Chipinge has been slapped with a 12-year jail term after he rapped a mentally challenged woman while threatening her with death on three different occasions.
Initially, Chipinge regional magistrate Chrispen Maturure had sentenced Chivhovho (49) to 15 years imprisonment before three years were conditionally suspended for five years.
Prosecuting, Tembelani Dhliwayo told the court that sometime in February, Chivhovho went to the complainant’s homestead and found her carrying out her household chores before demanding to sleep with her.
When the complainant did not consent to his sexual demands, Chivhovho dragged her into her bedroom hut and raped her once.
On another date in February when Chivhovho found her victim alone in her bedroom hut, he reportedly pinned her to the ground, threatening her with death if she did not consent to his sexual advances.
Cornered, the complainant consented and he raped her before leaving the homestead with a warning that she was not supposed to reveal what had happened to anyone.
Chivhovho again used the same tact to rape his mentally challenged victim in the same month.
After the complainant refused to having sex with him, Chivhovho pulled her by her blouse and dragged her into her bedroom hut where he raped the complainant for the third time in a month. Like he used to do, he threatened the complainant with death if she told anyone about the issue.
Nonetheless, the matter was reported to the police leading to the subsequent arrest of Chivhovho.

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