Image: Shopee Promotions

A score of Zambian investors have been left stranded as Chinese nationals who were running an online investment business, Shopee have reportedly disappeared into thin air, with their money.

Company employees have also been left in quandary as the directors disappeared before paying them.

Shopee offices are located at Arcades Shopping Mall in Lusaka and reports are that the place has been deserted.

Meanwhile, Shopee Marketing and Sales Manager Sichone Musenga says he and other office workers are also victims of the directors’ actions just like investors who have been conned of their hard earned money.

He said the Shopee management did not know the directors’ intentions to dupe people. “We did not know what these guys were up to. So please bear with us, we are also victims just like any others,” he says.

Speaking to the press, Mulenga said many fell into the trap as from the look of things, the Shopee directors appeared to be genuine and serious business people, with presentable paperwork, billboards and branded materials that by all accounts exhibited highest standards of professionalism.

However, he said Shopee management only suspected that these guys could be up to no good on Saturday after the guys exhibited an element of unprofessionalism in the way they were handling queries.

Mulenga pointed out that fears are that the directors may have fled the country, and urged every relevant office from police, immigration, airports security and others to work together in order to have these ‘conmen’ arrested and brought to book.

He said while it is confirmed that one of the directors left the country, it is believed that the other one is still in the country, hence the call for relevant offices to be on alert so that the suspects are arrested.

Be that as it may, from the look of things, a number of people have been left in quandary, others duped millions of Kwachas and are just praying that at least one of the directors is arrested so that they could recover their money.

Meanwhile, below is one of their promotions, which they used to lure their unsuspecting victims.

Image credit: Shopee Promotions

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