Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema today shocked even his security guys when stopped his motorcade mid-way only to greet people.

For others it was normal hearing the front runner police vehicle sounding its siren as it passed announcing the President’s coming.

Meanwhile, the other security vehicles also passed with people lining up the street to get a glimpse of their President’s vehicle.

However, the onlookers got a shock of their lives when President Hichilema slowed down his vehicle and eventually stopped to greet them.

People could be heard shouting his nickname ‘Bally’ as they mobbed his car to greet him.

His security details had to disembark from their vehicles and provided him security.

After the brief stop President Hichilema them proceeded with his journey.

He was coming from a memorial service for the late UPND founder Anderson Mazoka.