A Zambian politician, Joseph Kalimbwe (main picture), is advocating for the Pan African Parliament (PAP) to be led on a rotational basis- saying neither West African nor MPs from Zimbabwe’s ruling ZANU PF party must be given the chance to lead it.

Writing on the micro-blogging social networking platform, Twitter, Kalimbwe said:

“We don’t want the continuity of West Africans leading the Pan African Parliament. It should rotate. But we must also reject the candidacy of a ZanuPF MP for the PAP Presidency, SADC MPs in Joburg caucus consciously & put forward a better & credible candidate for our region !!!”

We have selected some of the reactions to Kalimbwe’s post. Read On:

  • Imagine if Africa can b one country with one fiscus. Countries that couldn’t even contribute to the basket will demand equal distribution rather than equitability. That will b a source of all of Africa problems. Co-operation of Africa countries is the only way forward– @KMchuba
  • chero mukamutuka henyu jose but mana vezimbabwe varikungo tenderera pasi rese kunge mashingi shingi nenhamo nekuda kwe zanu pf but hamuzvioni chenyu kungoda zanu pf coz muri mbavha jose is ryte zanu pf must be criticized at all levels everywhere coz they coused more pains kuvanh– @dau_transport

  • If Southern Africa doesn’t have any other better candidates than Charumbira, let West Africa take it. No to ZANU PF– @fightforZim
  • You want candidates vetted by Brussels? It won’t be a Pan African parliament then.– @Billthepatriot
  • It’s First founded first (FFF) to be first Pan African Parliamentary President and your new born UPND will have a chance 40 years latter– @Varakashi4ED