Image: Gemnation

Celebrated musician Jah Prayzah real name Mukudzei Mukombe has implied that his former bandmate, Baba Harare is a womanizer.

Baba Harare whose real name is Braveman Chizvino once worked with Prayzah before they parted ways.

As Gemnation reports, the two musicians’ latest collaboration was on Baba Harare’s ‘Ndine Hombe’ (I have the biggest) song.

In the song, Baba Harare speaks of having a biggest car, however, many say it is not about the car but refers to his s3xual object (manhood) as in the whole theme of the song.

“Ndine Hombe, Ndine Hombe, Mota yangu hombe,” sings Baba Harare.

Backing him, Jah Prayzah agrees that Baba Harare has ‘hombe’ adding:

“Asi haubvire, haubvire, kunyanya kuma dhirezi. (You are indeed too much, especially on dresses (on women).