Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has declared war on Zanu PF member Killer Zivhu after Mliswa criticized the Norton Council for approving the allocation of residential stands in swampy areas putting people’s lives in danger especially during the rainy season as a number of people in Norton lost properties after heavy rains triggered massive flooding.

In response to the Tweets, Former Zanu PF member Killer Zivhu went all guns blazing and accused Norton’s member of parliament Temba Mliswa of being gay and for having 50 children which he alleged he was struggling to look after.

Not moved, Mliswa clapped back, “correction, I have 18 not 50 kids unless you donate from your own whom you can’t look after. I’m a responsible parent& am proud of my kids& their mothers. If God blesses me with more kids I would love that. But wait until tomorrow for your own bombshell @killerzivhu1.

This is not the first time, the two have blasted each other online, just last week, the two exchanged words after Mliswa warned Zivhu against being full of himself.

Reactions…You and Peter Ndlovu have a combined 100. Zvinodadisa jentrumen!;