Yesteryear Rasta-Kwasa musician Dino Mudondo, who recently returned to Zimbabwe after six years in South Africa, has lined up a nationwide tour as part of efforts to revive his career locally.

Mudondo was born on 7 August 1978 and he made an impact into the Zimbabwean music industry in 2001 after releasing his hit song Makorokoto.

His genre was a fusion of reggae and kwasa kwasa. At one point his turbulent love life almost caused a dent in his career forcing him to lie low.

He spent some years in SA where is was reportedly involved in mining. The ‘‘Jatropha’’ hit-maker then hinted that he was homesick, which prompted him to fly back to Zimbabwe recently.

Speaking earlier, Mudondo explained why he took five years to perform in Zimbabwe:

“I took a five-year break from mainstream music when I relocated to South Africa, where I have been studying and working in the marketing field of mining.

“So, after college in Cape Town, I got a job in Witbank,Mpumalanga, and worked for a certain company as a marketing manager for three years.

“However, the microphone kept on calling me back and I would always find myself on stage doing what I love doing the most, which is music and live performance.

“While in SA, I would do shows with some of the country’s top acts which also helped me a lot in learning other skills in this field.

“I would also do shows with other Zimbabwean visiting artists like mukoma Alick Macheso, Sulu,Killer T,Andy Muridzo,Davitah Chimombe and a lot more with Nox Guni, who is also based in South Africa.”