Harare: President Robert Mugabe, who was endorsed by Zanu PF as their presidential candidate, will contest the polls at the ripe age of 94 years, a factor that has become an interesting issue ahead of the campaign.

According to a recent survey conducted by respectable Research and Advocacy Unit targeting young women on their participation in the polls next year, it shows that they would rather vote for a younger President than trust Mugabe.

“Over the last year, there have been numerous conversations about elections, as Zimbabweans gear for the next elections in 2018,” part of the survey read.

“The interest raised mainly is the fitness of the President to stand for another term, when he will be 94 years, and whether there isn’t a younger person to succeed him.”

MDC-T has also been humping on Mugabe’s age, saying it will be a shock and area of scholarly study if Zimbabweans would vote for Mugabe who is past the afternoon of his life.

National Youth Assembly president, Happymore Chidziva said if Mugabe wins the elections at his advanced stage, where he even struggles to walk, seat up straight or climb stair cases, then universities should conduct a study on the brains of young Zimbabweans.

“This will be definitely an area of study to establish how young people would trust their future and that of their children in the hands of a 94 year old. For all good conscience you can’t have a person that age leading a country,” he said.

Chidziva said the MDC-T had realised the need to allow young people to take leadership positions to excite the young voters.

“Our president has brought in the likes of Nelson Chamisa as vice-president, because unlike Zanu PF, we are a party of the future. We carry the hopes and aspirations of the young people,” he said. newsday