HARARE – There seems to be trouble in the paradise of Remnant Church cleric Patrick Philip Mugadza and his wife Thelma Masaka amid reports that they have been arguing a lot following his incarceration for predicting that President Robert Mugabe would die in October this year.

 The Daily News on Sunday can reveal that there has been a lot of stress in their marriage since his release from Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison.
 Mugadza, who is standing trial for telling journalists in January that he had received a prophecy from God that Mugabe would die on October 17, claimed his wife could have been compromised by the President’s Office.

“I think she could be used by the regime because since I came back from prison, she has been acting funny,” he claimed.

“I am convinced they are now using my wife as a means to get to me.”

Mugadza said his marriage of three years was on the rocks because Masaka no longer respected him.

“She now tells me that she can leave her life without me and has openly told me that if I find her with another man, I should not ask her about it,” Mugadza said.

“She no longer tells me about any of her plans and says it is because I never tell her about when I engage in activism.

“I have told her that she does not have to know everything I will be intending to do for security reasons.”

Mugadza faces a separate charge of abusing the national flag and another charge of public nuisance after holding a one-man anti-government protest last year. daily news