Woman takes $3 payment as 14-yr-old is raped 4 consecutive months

pictures of woman beaten arrested at independence day by mugabe cio

A Darwendale woman has been arrested for accepting a $3 bribe to facilitate the raping of a 14 year old neighbour for four consecutive months by a local 39 year old sex pervert.

Shameful Magret Jeke was arrested recently after her accomplice Luckson Malunga was caught late last year and already appeared before Chinhoyi Magistrate Mr Solomon Jenya who slapped him with a 14 year jail term.

Prosecuting Mr Lovemore Balani said Malunga of Stroud Farm on the date unknown to the prosecutor during late last year proceeded to the minor’s house in the same area where he started fondling the minors breasts without her consent.

The minor ran out of the kitchen and informed Jeke a neighbour of what had transpired.

The court heard that the rape victim got the shock of her life as Jeke instead of protecting her for seeking refuge she was ordered to return into the bedroom and comply with Malunga’s sexual demands.

The minor returned to the bedroom where Malunga instructed her to take off her clothes before lying down on the bed.

The sex pervert then forcibly inserted his organ without the minors consent.

The complainant bled profusely from her vagi*** and the complainant went back to Jeke and again showed her what Malunga had done and she ordered her to keep quiet.

The following day Malunga gave Jeke $3 as payment for sexual intercourse he had with the minor.

Malunga continued having sexual intercourse with the minor for several occasions for a period of about 4 months and could leave money to Jeke as usual.

Malunga would threaten to kill the complainant if she refused to have sexual intercourse with him.

Malunga ran out of lucky after the minor became scared and informed her father about what had happened during the past four months.

The matter was then reported to the police and complainant was referred to hospital for medical examination.

A medical report was produced in court as exhibit.


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