16 year old electrocuted herding cattle after stepping on live wire

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There are surely one thousand ways to die, including herding cattle which recently resulted in the untimely death of a 16 year old boy who was electrocuted by a live wire  while doing the chore.

A close relative identified as Aunty Rose confirmed the untimely death of her niece.

She said her niece, Maximum Masvina was electrocuted while herding cattle at a farm in
Venice, Battlefields a fortnight ago.

Battlefields police also confirmed the fatality but referred all questions to Kadoma district offices who could not be immediately available for a comment.

Aunty Rose said the family got to know of the death through a whatsapp message that Maximum had been electrocuted while herding cattle at Granchua powerline.

“We first got the sad news through social media, that is when we visited the scene and met an eyewitness who said Maximum had came into conduct with an electrically charged cable that was on the ground.

“We then made a police report with the law enforcement agents accompanying us to the scene were investigations were done,” she said.

Aunty Rose said it baffles the mind that Granchua leaves an unprotected cable at such a busy area.

She said relatives are still to come to terms with the passing of Maximum who was awaiting his Ordinary Level results when he died.


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