Tinashe Zisengwe

Tragedy is what struck a 36 year old Somabhula woman who is alleged to have consumed an unknown pesticide, committing suicide, after receiving a prophecy that her husband was cheating.

Zim news is reliably informed that the woman, Zororo Chikozho decided to take her life after an identified self-proclaimed Johanne Masowe prophet operating near Somabhula railway line claimed her husband was engaged in an extra marital affair with a woman based in Shurugwi.

Zororo a mother of five passed on last week at the family’s farming field after taking the unknown pesticide.

Though efforts to get a comment from the police proved fruitless, sources close to the case said things got to a head last Friday when a prophet told the woman that her husband was an infidel.   

In an interview with the deceased’s husband, Delani Nsingo said, “The prophecy which my wife got from the prophet angered her and failed to come to terms with it, leading to her taking a pesticide.

“She drank poison before hiding in our farming plot bed. Our relative later found her writhing in agony and bleeding from both the nose and mouth.”

Nsingo’s relatives who requested for anonymity said they were not quite surprised by Zororo’s move as the couple was experiencing a series of domestic disputes, most frequently the wife would threaten to commit suicide.

In evidence to the inquest in Gweru recently, Nsingo, 38, said he and his wife had worked as farmers alongside each other for most of their married life.

“Our relationship was generally good but she was going through the menopause, so her moods were up and down. Trouble came when she started visiting the Johanne Masowe sect prophets in Somabhula,” he said.

Nsingo said his wife became suspicious of his close relationship with another woman, since the time she started visiting self-proclaimed prophets.

“On our way to the prophet, l discovered she was taking clothes, including my undergarments to the prophet. I saw them wrapped in a plastic bag. I didn’t ask her until we returned home,” said Nsingo.

She was upset after being asked why she was taking the clothes to fortune tellers.