In an event that would cause a tear or two from the Mhandamabwe community, a women was recently slammed with a six day jail term for obstructing the course justice after she lied to the police on the whereabouts of her  husband who is  on the police wanted list  for rape charges.

It is in the state’s case that on the 7th of this month at around 6:30 a.m , Miriam Mhazo (27) who heralds from the Mukotosi area near Mhandamabwe lied to two police officers on the whereabouts of her husband who is on the wanted persons list for rape.

Miriam told Police Constables William Mushaikwa and Austin Mlambo that her husband Christian Gwatiringa had gone to Zvishavane, however all hell broke loose when the two police officers demanded to search the house and Gwatiringa bulleted from the house like a burning missile only to disappear into the nearby hill.

The two officers arrested Miriam for defeating or obstructing the course of justice as stipulated in section 184 (1) (b)Of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act.

Sentencing, Mashava resident Magistrate Bishard Chineka sentenced Miriam Mhazo to 6 days in prison.

Magistrate Chineka  admonished Miriam from protecting criminals even her husband as this will lend her in trouble.

Meanwhile, Gwatiringa is still on the run for allegedly raping his 12 year old niece and his wife Miriam thinks her husband was framed and that was the reason she was protecting him from the long arm of the law.